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The Tuscarawas County Community Foundation, Inc. was established in 2001 as a tax-exempt community foundation. The Foundation was established to receive gifts from individuals, families, and businesses, which are in turn used, for scholarships, community projects and other charitable purposes throughout the Tuscarawas County area. The Foundation welcomes grant applications from non-profit organizations serving the residents of Tuscarawas County.

The Foundation administers a general fund, which is made up of unrestricted donations to the Foundation. The unrestricted nature of those gifts allows the Foundation flexibility in its charitable purpose and empowers the Board of Directors with the ability to respond to innovative projects and changing community needs over a wide variety of fields. The Board of Directors of the Foundation awards grants to qualified charitable organizations who serve the residents of Tuscarawas County. The frequency of awarding grants and amounts is within the sole discretion of the Board of Directors.

The Foundation’s charitable grant making includes both capital and program grants which are awarded in the following categories: Arts, Culture, & Humanities; Civic & Community Affairs; Conservation & Environment; Education; Health & Wellness; and Human Services.


In order to make the best use of available funds, the Tuscarawas County Community Foundation looks for one or more of the following when reviewing proposal requests:

  • That the project is a well-planned approach to solving a problem and delivering services;
  • That the use of funds will be innovative and efficient;
  • That the Foundation support is vital or catalytic to the success of the project;
  • That the proposed project is expected to continue and expand after the grant ends;
  • That expenses will be reduced by sharing resources with other agencies or groups; and
  • That the project promotes cooperation among agencies without duplication of services.

The Foundation normally does not approve grants from the general fund to support:

  • Operating expenses of well-established organizations;
  • Deficit financing for programs or capital expenditures;
  • Endowment funds;
  • Annual appeals or membership contributions;
  • Conference or recognition events.

Grants are limited to activities performed and organizations located within the United States. Grants may not be used to carry on propaganda or otherwise attempt to influence legislation, participate in or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office, or to conduct, directly or indirectly, any voter registration drive (within the meaning of Section 4945(d)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code).

The Foundation makes grants only to organizations that are recognized by the Internal Revenue Code as nonprofit, tax-exempt, charitable organizations, or to qualified governmental agencies. The Foundation does not make grants to individuals except through scholarship funds.


Each applicant should submit an original and five (5) copies of their complete proposal. In addition, the following supporting documents should be submitted with the applicant’s final proposal:

1.Endorsement letters, brochures, news articles, etc., if applicable to the proposal.

A completed proposal should include the following information:

  • The deadline for grant applications is June 15
  • A dated cover letter signed by the Board President or the Executive Director stating the purpose, the amount of the request, and Board endorsement of the request.
  • A brief introduction to your organization, including an overview of current programs, activities, and services.
  • A summary of the project, which includes a problem or need statement, plus program goals, objectives, and strategies for implementation.
  • Proposed budget for the project, including a list of other foundations or funding sources contacted for the project.
  • A future funding plan for continuing the project once the Foundation funding ends.
  • Elaborate proposals with hard cover, plastic sheets, etc are not required, nor desired.
  • Normally, not more than six pages should suffice for the application.


Once the Board of Directors of the Foundation has approved a grant proposal, the successful Grantee shall be required to do the following:

  • Sign a Charitable Grant Agreement in the form currently approved and in use by the Foundation (see attached), and
  • Grantee shall be required to follow up with a report to the Foundation within one (1) year after receipt of the grant, with a summary report detailing the status of the project or activity and the planned goals or objectives.

Your completed application may be mailed to:

Grant Application
c/o Tuscarawas County Community Foundation
1323 4th Street NW
New Philadelphia, OH 44663